Businesses using Ozbrero Hats

Here are just some of the businesses using our wide brim hats, all with their corporate branding embroidery on the front panel and, the Ozbrero logo on the back flap.

  • Kimberley Plumbing (Broome and Fitzroy Crossing)
  • Shire of Broome
  • Rio Tinto (Dampier Salt) – via Blackwoods (Pilbara)
  • Westug – Tug Boat Operations (Pilbara)
  • True North Adventure Cruises (Broome, Aust)
  • Pemberley of Pemberton (Wines & Farm, Pemberton)
  • Eberle Winery (California, USA)
  • Coral Princess Cruises (Cairns)

Hats can be purchased for retail sale or workforce uniforms with one of the following options;

  • The OZBRERO logo on both front/back panels.
  • A tourism related Broome logo on front panel (designed by OZBRERO).
  • Your company logo on front panel and OZBRERO logo on back panel only.

Or individual/private orders (of any quantity) most welcome also.

Contact us today to discuss your ultimate sun protective hat needs.