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Yarn Time with Surfer Josh Palmateer

Surfer Josh Palmateer Mud Crab

Former world tour professional surfer Josh Palmateer, who achieved a career high ranking of 45, travelled back to the Kimberley (one of his favourite stomping grounds) earlier this year for some fun camping adventures. When Josh isn’t camping in the Kimberley he runs his own surf academy in Margaret River and, back in the day, Josh also used to run his successful surf school for a decade here in Broome in between the busy summers in Margaret River. It was great to catch up with both he and his wife Sarah while they were in town.

What is your top Kimberley camping spot/s? Port Warrender in the Admiralty Gulf. There is absolutely no-one there, very difficult to get to and, fish and crabs and crocs everywhere. Bloody exciting!!! 

What is your favourite fish to catch and best fish to eat, and why? To catch would be a Barra because they look like some prehistoric creature and can be quite elusive to catch at times. But to eat would be Baldchin Groper because they are just simply Proper Yummy!!!

What makes WA so special for you guys? WA is extraordinary – it has to be the best place in the world to live, it has some of the most remote places to explore, you can get some of the best waves on the planet, catch some of the biggest fish ever and, camp in places that are so beautiful you would never want to go home!

We tend to agree! Top stuff and enjoy the Margs summer you lot 🙂

Check out the Josh Palmateer Surf Academy for more info and don’t forget to slip, slop, slap with an Ozbrero this summer – shop it here.

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Hoist the colours – it’s the movement that matters!

Josh Palmateer Sun Protection Surfer Ozbrero

Here at Ozbrero, our ethos has always been driven by personalisation. It really doesn’t matter what’s trending, especially when it comes to sun protection, but rather to make a choice to be wholesome and trustworthy. Authentic really.

We are fostering a movement that matters by protecting the neck, ears, face and head from the sun. Did you know that the neck is one of the most common places on the body for skin cancer to appear?

We trust in our unique and dependable cotton hat design. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of hats out there and most people own more than one. And ultimately your wardrobe should be a mixture of quality garments that enable your adventurous spirit to be completely supported.

As an avid fan recently cited, ‘I have an Ozbrero as my work lid’. And another quipped, ‘I wouldn’t wear anything else when out on the water’. So within their hat pools the Ozbrero certainly has purpose. A purpose that’s good for the environment and you.

Let’s be honest, we’re definitely not ‘chic’ enough to wear out and about, for example to a party or formal gathering. Yet what we do offer is a real, hardy, sun protective hat that can be worn dry or wet, for work or play, on or off the water!

The Ozbrero is sold individually or can be branded with your company, organisation or group logo. You see, our hats breed culture.

In today’s world, of course we do speedy online sales. But, amongst the millennial norms you’ll find our mobile contact number on every page of our website. That’s a direct phone line where you can chat to us about our wide brim cotton hats. We are a small family business based in Broome and born in Western Australia.

The future is yours – choose your threads and tell your yarns!

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