Wide brim hats for an Australian lifestyle

Our Story…

Inca traditions captured by a former Broome pearl diver and custom-designed to suit the Oz lifestyle. While travelling through South America in 2009, Chris Cooke (founding director and former Broome pearl diver and plumber) unleashed his creativity and Ozbrero® was born. Welcome to the world of specialist wide brim hats for land and sea, since 2011!

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Our Tribe

What Our Tribe Says

The Ozbrero is the best addition to any outdoor loving family. The ultimate hat for fishing, boating, camping or outdoor work that's for sure!
Our kids love their Ozbrero's - they’re unstoppable in design and capabilities.
Ozbrero hats give the best sun protection and suit my outdoor pursuits down to a T!
My Ozbrero gets a solid work-out and as dirty as it gets (for example covered in squid-ink), it still stands the test of time!
The all-time best designed kids and fisherman's hat. Turns out these sombrero (Ozbrero) hats are a bit of a thing up here, a local design, that stops Mums chasing their kids with suncream yelling 'back of neck, tops of ears'...or is that just me? Brilliant hat!
My whole team knows Ozbrero is the way to go in the Aussie sun!
I love your hats. The best sun protection ever! I wear the Ozbrero fishing, surf coaching and on tour. And my son now wears one everyday to work too!