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Yarn Time with Seafarer Mick Jones!

Mick Jones was one of the first few to adorn an Ozbrero back when it all started.  The above photo of Mick captures these earlier days. So we recently took opportunity to catch up with this seafarer for a yarn…

As an ocean-goer in work and play, how long have you been wearing an Ozbrero for now do you think?  I’ve been wearing an Ozbrero now for nearly 7 years! I got one the first day I stepped on-board True North. The only reason I bought a new one was because in the rush of things working with the helicopter I left my original one at a swimming hole in the Kimberley, never to be seen again.

What do you particularly like about wearing an Ozbrero?  I like wearing an Ozbrero because it is a practical hat. Besides the fact they serve their purpose better than most, being a hat that you can scrunch or fold up makes them super easy to travel with. Over the years I have acquired a few Ozbrero hats, in fact I have them stashed all over the place! One in my Troopy, on my Yacht, even one in my tackle box! I love the fact that you can be doing 30 knots and even without the strap – they don’t blow off!

Now, besides being a first officer for True North Adventure Cruises, do you have any personal sailing ambitions with your own vessel Blondie IX? If so, can you tell us a bit about them?  Yes, so over the next year or so I’ve decided to take a year off work.  My plan is to sail east to New Caledonia then onto Vanuatu then head north up through the Solomon Islands and onward up through PNG. From PNG I’ll come back down into Cairns after the cyclone season and across to Darwin. From there I’ll head west through the Kimberley and north to Indonesia. That’s a rough plan – see how we go 😉

You love surfing, what’s your favourite style of break?  Yes well, it’s hard to pick a favourite wave, but generally speaking it’s a perfect hollow right with myself and Han, maybe a couple of mates and, the only crowd is the local sitting in his dug-out canoe looking on, interested in what the hell you’re doing. Location… you know that reef just past and near that island!?  😉

And fishing – we know you’re pretty handy at that too. What’s your favourite fishing destination and what fish do you love to eat most?  Favourite fishing destination would have to be the Kimberley. Favourite fish to eat, I’d say mangrove jack or bald chin groper have got to be up there. Then again triple tail aren’t too bad either. Hard one.

Can you tell us a moment where you have used your Ozbrero for a purpose other than simply being a hat?  Other than using as a hat, I was heli-fishing in the Kimberley and a juvenile wedge tail ended up picking up a guest’s lure. The lure got caught on its talons, so after we got the eagle onto the shore our pilot ‘Rain-man’ put my Ozbrero over its head to calm it down so we could gently get the lure free. The wedgie then flew off!

Do you always pack your Ozbrero when you travel these days?  Always have my hat.

Lastly, how do you hope to spend Christmas this year?  Christmas will be with my family and my new nieces or nephews, love Christmas!  Have a great Christmas too you lot. Cheers Mick J

Great chatting with you Mick – happy seafaring in 2018!  You can follow Mick’s sailing adventures on Instagram @spindrifters_  🙂

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