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Tips for Camping with a Young Family

Camping Hat

Given the COVID-19 pandemic and the extreme slow-down of travel across the world, we thought we’d provide some light-hearted reading on our top tips for camping with a young family. Even when international travel was a trending thing, we’ve more often than not, hooked up the camper trailer and taken off somewhere remote, beautiful and most-of-all, spiritually rewarding. We did this prior to kids and now we have a 3.5yr old and a 7 month old that we still take-off with. So here’s our little list of tips for your enjoyment:

  1. A series of good car snacks comes in very handy for the drive time. We like sultanas, cheese, blueberries, crisps and muesli bars.
  2. A car DVD system. Yes, watching too much TV is something we don’t promote, but to help kids engage and accept ‘travel time’ and to get them used to long-distance travel particularly, a DVD with a good selection of children’s programs and sing-along music is a marvellous thing.
  3. A collapsible bath (a bath that folds flat when not in use) is ideal for both kids to use and stores well in the camper or car for travel.
  4. A selection of monster trucks and diggers. Perfect for ‘driving’ around the campsite when we arrive and are setting up camp.
  5. A few bedtime books & quiet games to soothe/calm the kids for sleep each night. But alas, if we run them buggered during the day, falling asleep at night is much easier!
  6. Campfires (when permitted). Teaching them early to stay away from fire is important. And teaching them the benefits of fire such as warmth and cooking are worthy activities. Marshmallows are optional!
  7. Decent shoes. Yep, we make sure the shoes we take for our kids are comfortable, somewhat amphibious, protective from prickles and easy to put on/off.
  8. Planning our meals before we depart. For most camp trips and weekends away, we plan our evening meals before we leave so we have a guide. Then if things do change (say we catch a fish or something), we’ve still always got go-to food for the kids at dinner time. And baked beans are always an awesome stand-by!
  9. Weather forecast. Yeah, we’re weather people! So when it comes to packing the clothing, swimwear and bedding, we definitely check the forecast beforehand, especially because we want to pack light when we’re carrying clothes and bedding for the whole family!
  10. Hiking backpack and baby carriers – lifesavers!
  11. Camp shade – either a gazebo or camper awning – essential!
  12. Child friendly insect repellent is a must-have.
  13. And last but not least – take a darn decent hat for each member of the family! If you’re wondering where you can get some of those…… 😉 😉 😉 Hint hint. Nudge nudge. Shop the Ozbrero here.